PJ's Coffee Tin

PJ's Coffee Tin

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Flavor and quality are paramount to PJ's Coffee of New Orleans™. Not just any beans will do. Instead, we select the top 1% of Arabica Beans for our coffees, and maintain Direct Trade partnerships to control quality and reduce out environmental impact. Then, in New Orleans, all coffee is slow-roasted in small batches under the direction of our experienced Roastmaster. Because freshness takes top priority, we date all beans when they enter and again when they leave our facilities.

The result of our time-honed process is a complex, multifaceted flavor experience in which the craftsmanship is apparent from the first sip. It's also as complex and as individualistic as the city we've called home since 1978.

Yet, several factors can affect coffee quality and taste, including storage and exposure to light. This is what happens when you use clear or glass cannisters to hold your coffee until you brew a pot.

As a solution, PJ's Coffee is offering this air-tight metal tin. Once you pour the coffee inside for storage, the tin preserves the fresh roasted flavor and blocks out light with an opaque design. For full, authentic flavor, keep the container in a cool, dark location.