French Breakfast Coffee Bag

French Breakfast

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This breakfast roast coffee is tres bien! Start your day with a cup of French Breakfast from PJ's Coffee of New Orleans™, known for its slightly smoky aroma and sweet chocolate aftertaste.

Since our beginning over 40 years ago, we have believed that every cup of coffee should be an experience of soul, authenticity and craftsmanship that you can taste. Coffee may look similar in the bag, but ours tells a story that you'll immediately notice upon the first sip.

We partner directly with farms to deliver a true farm-to-cup coffee, one where the origins are known, we monitor the quality and the process limits our impact on the Earth. Striving for authentic freshness, we select the top 1% of arabica beans, picking them at the precise point for optimal flavor.

Under the direction of Roastmaster Felton Jones, every coffee is slow roasted in small batches. This process results in a truly distinctive cup that is as individualistic as the city of our origins. Taste the quality and the character of our rich and mellow French Breakfast.  This item comes in a single 1-lb bag.