Guatemala Coffee Bag


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With the first sip, this medium roast Guatemalan coffee delivers intriguing smoky and spicy notes. For an even flavor profile, we've balanced this medium-bodied coffee with a sweet, caramel aroma.

PJ's Coffee of New Orleans™ develops coffees as rich and authentic as our history and prioritizes craftsmanship over mass production. Since the 1970s, we have believed that superior beans and care go into every cup. We ensure this by picking the highest quality arabica beans right at the peak of freshness and flavor.  This item comes in a single 1-lb bag.  

To create our Guatemala Antigua, our team slow-roasts coffee in small batches, developing a specialty coffee with a distinctive range of flavors. Not interchangeable with anything out there, these one-pound bags of coffee reflect the uniqueness of our New Orleans origins, our commitment to the details and our belief that quality coffee and Southern hospitality go hand in hand.