PJ's Cold Brew Fridge Pack

PJ's Cold Brew Fridge Pack

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Introducing PJ's Coffee Cold Brew Fridge Pack 48 oz. (1.5 L) Ready-to-Drink dispenser. A fresh, quality & convenient beverage just as it's ordered from a PJ’s Coffee café!

PJ’s Coffee Cold Brew is made from our Viennese Blend of dark and medium roasts. A lively coffee with a toasty aroma, full body and a lingering chocolate aftertaste. Enjoy over ice mixed with equal parts water or milk of choice (or milk substitute) for a refreshing beverage low in acidity! Perfect with a splash of vanilla or add chocolate syrup or any of your favorite flavors!


Consistent café quality brewed with 100% Arabica Coffee

    • Ready-to-Drink (1:1 Concentrate) & Serve: Dispense straight from bag-in-box
    • Store at room temperature for up to 180 days, unopened from date of manufacturer
    • Refrigerate after opening & drink within 14 days after opening

Versatile ingredient uses for iced lattes, coffee sodas, shakes, cocktails, etc.

Perfect for traveling and easy fridge storage
    • No brewing labor required