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Revolution Citrus Spice Herbal Tea 20 Count

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Feel refreshed with the invigorating taste of Citrus Spice Herbal Tea. This dynamic, multifaceted blend begins with South African Rooibos, for a distinctive, earthy foundation. From this base, Revolution Tea rounds out its flavor profile with real ingredients that captivate the senses. Cinnamon chips and cloves tantalize the tongue and play off the sweet, fragrant notes of Turkish orange and Spanish lemon peel. Other herbs and spices, from Egyptian marigold petals to licorice root, accent this lively blend with unexpected pops of depth.

Sourced from across the world, this naturally caffeine free herbal tea lives up to Revolution Tea’s mission. Second-rate ingredients are never sufficient, and in turn, even herbal blends feature quality spices, real fruits and essential oils. No additives are included, and you won’t find anything artificial.

Because the brewing process directly affects the flavor, Revolution Tea devised and introduced mesh infuser tea bags 20 years ago. The ingredients are allowed to fully steep, releasing their full, authentic flavors to be savored.

Caffeine Free

20 servings per container