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Revolution Tropical Green Tea 20 Count

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Let your cup of green tea take you far, far away to a tropical paradise. Revolution Tea creates the setting with delicate, light caffeine Dragonwell and Chinese Young Hyson green tea leaves. From here, notes of citrus emerge through pineapple flavoring, orange peel and lemon verbena, delivering a fragrant, sweet beverage that transports you to a secluded beach somewhere in the tropics.

This award-winning green tea fully attests to the craftsmanship of Revolution Tea. Each pyramid-shaped bag holds full tea leaves, dried out in the sun before being packed. To complete its flavor profile, real fruits, natural flavorings, essential oils and herbs create a vibrant, distinctive character in each cup.

Brewing can make or break a tea, and that’s why Revolution Tea introduced its mesh infuser bags in 2000. Made to enhance this process, the delicate material allows the leaves and all other ingredients to fully steep, releasing their authentic flavor into the water rather than leave it in the bag.

Caffeine Content: 20mg

20 servings per container