12 Oz. Ground 100% Pure Chicory

12 Oz. Ground 100% Pure Chicory

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Nothing is more distinctively New Orleans than taking your coffee with chicory - or substituting it entirely. For true local flavor, we encourage you to brew your next cup with Leroux French Chicory.

At a glance, ground chicory looks like coffee and can be prepared the same way - roasted, ground and brewed into a flavorful cup that you serve with cream and sugar or a substitute of your choosing. In the United States, such usage dates back to the Civil War. New Orleans was the country's primary coffee port, and due to a blockade, the region experienced a shortage.

In resorting to a French tradition, locals made their coffee from chicory to taste a similarly rich and slightly woody flavor. The practice didn't fade out and continues to be a staple of New Orleans cuisine.

To enhance your beverage's flavor profile and try out something authentically New Orleans, we suggest brewing this 100% ground chicory by itself as a caffeine-free alternative or mixing it in with any of our coffees. Available in convenient one-pound bags.