Anniversary Blend (Pack of 3)

Anniversary Blend (Pack of 3)

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PJ's Coffee of New Orleans™ has been a local tradition since 1978, when Phyllis Jordan opened up the first store. We've prioritized craftsmanship and flavor along the way and haven't lost sight of our mission.

Our single one-pound bag of Anniversary Blend coffee celebrates the founding of PJ's Coffee with a full-bodied medium roast that tantalizes with sweet notes of caramel and smooth chocolate overtones. Taste the history the next time you brew a cup.

Sourcing from Sumatra and Colombia, we select the top 1% of arabica beans, picked at the peak of freshness for an authentic flavor. All coffee is then slow roasted in small batches, resulting in a specialty gourmet coffee that's as individualistic as our city of origin.

Yet, PJ's Coffee and our Anniversary Blend reflect our surroundings. We set up shop in the city's neighborhoods and abide by Southern hospitality principles. Nothing in our stores is ever rushed or an assembly line experience, and we carefully select year-round flavors that express the essence of New Orleans.