English Toffee Coffee Bag

English Toffee

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This single bag of English Toffee Flavored Coffee from PJs Coffee of New Orleans™ brings a sip of refinement to every cup. We found a way to add the irresistible sweetness of old-fashioned buttery candy to smooth medium roast coffee for an everyday experience of elegance.

PJs Coffee of New Orleans™ is a Direct Trade Farm to Cup brand, and we take pride in selecting only the finest 100% Arabica beans from our direct trade partners.  We roast small batches in our New Orleans home, then blend in the finest flavors of rich, creamy English toffee. Whether you add a touch of your favorite creamer or sip it straight, you'll savor the slightly sweet, never bitter taste of carefully crafted coffee brewed at home.

Make sure you never run out of your PJs favorites with a PJs Coffee Subscription that you customize to deliver 16-ounce bags or 12-count single serve cups directly to your door right when you need them.