PJ's Direct Trade Bundle - French Roast, Maple Street Blend, Roast 35

PJ's Direct Trade Bundle - French Roast, Maple Street Blend, Roast 35

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Reflecting our mission, the PJ's Direct Trade Bundle includes French Roast, Maple Street Blend and Roast 35 coffees. A dark roast coffee, our French Roast has earned a reputation for its intense and bold but never bitter flavor. Our Maple Street Blend reflects our origins, alluding to the original PJ's Coffee of New Orleans™ store while delivering full-bodied flavor with sweet and nutty notes. Roast 35 is Roastmaster Felton Jones' own, taking decades to craft and resulting in a bold, low acidity, full body flavor with a velvet finish. All coffees in this bundle are sold in one-pound bags.

PJ's Coffee of New Orleans™ has developed Direct Trade partnerships with Finca Terrerito in Honduras and Aqua Fresca in Nicaragua, and through this relationship, we have become a true farm-to-cup brand. Our coffee has a clear source, and in purchasing right from the farmers, we have a say in both the quality and the prices they receive. As a business, this approach lessens our environmental impact on the Earth as a whole.

Believing our customers should taste superior craftsmanship in every cup, we select the top 1% of arabica beans, picked at the peak of freshness. Under the guidance of our Roastmaster, we slow-roast all coffee in small batches. The result is a specialty gourmet coffee that's just as unique and distinctive as the city of New Orleans.