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PJ's Coffee of New Orleans™ delivers a world of flavor right to your cup. Whether you're in the market for a taste of New Orleans in our Maple Street Blend, or you're staying true to your favorite single-origin bean, we've got 1-pound bags of whole-bean or ground coffee that bring fresh authenticity to the table. Subscribe to save money while never worrying about running out of your favorite brew.

A Singular Secret

The secret to excellent single-origin coffee is simple. We only use the top 1 percent of Arabica beans from well-known locations around the globe like Sumatra, Ethiopia and Honduras. Then our Roastmaster - Felton Jones, who has more than 25 years of experience with PJ's Coffee - carefully roasts those beans in small batches of 300 pounds or less to bring out all their characteristic notes. So when you order a pound of Papua New Guinea or Sumatra Mandheling beans, you'll taste all the distinct notes.

Direct-Trade Partnership

At PJ's Coffee, we think personal values and good business practices can coalesce seamlessly. We partner directly with the farms that grow our coffee beans to make sure we're both doing everything we can to help the planet and our customers enjoy the process and the product. By developing relationships with our Direct Trade partners, we can serve exceptional coffee while also serving community initiatives, like improving health, education, and housing. This creates a beautiful blend of environmental responsibility and ethical craftsmanship we're proud to share in every cup of PJ's coffee.

All the Flavors

Flavor is the spice of life, and coffee is life. So flavored coffee is a natural choice. PJ's Coffee brings you unique varieties to sweeten every cup, from tried-and-true options like Hazelnut and French Vanilla coffee beans to PJ's signature flavors you won't find anywhere else. Whether you're celebrating Carnival season with the sweet cinnamon notes of our King Cake Coffee or extending Southern hospitality with our smooth Southern Pecan coffee, you'll find the same attention to superior selection and small-batch roasting as in our single-origin coffee beans, all dressed up in fancily flavored finery.