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Revolution English Breakfast Black Tea 20 Count

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English Breakfast Black Tea embodies Revolution Tea’s commitment to quality. This classic blend designed for starting your day begins with premium-quality Assam and Ceylon leaves, picked from India and Sri Lanka. Full leaves replace tea fannings and dusts, and not using additives keeps it true to the original that many across the world have preferred for over a century.

Brewed directly from the leaves, Revolution Tea’s English Breakfast exemplifies the difference quality makes. Even for a drink that appears straightforward, Revolution Tea seeks out the highest-quality leaves for the best flavor. To create English Breakfast and other blends, Revolution sun dries full tea leaves to precision, and from this foundation, real ingredients, from herbs and essential oils to natural flavor, finish its flavor profile. Even the classics like English Breakfast taste surprisingly extraordinary.

Adding to this approach, Revolution Tea championed the mesh infuser tea bag. Introduced in 2000, this feature brings together the best of both worlds: full leaves are contained yet are allowed to steep properly to release their full, authentic flavor.

Caffeine Content: 40mg

20 servings per container