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Revolution Tea Bags

As much as we pride ourselves on superior coffee at PJ's Coffee of New Orleans, we also love a good cup of tea. This time-honored beverage can welcome the morning, provide a quick afternoon pick-me-up or help you unwind after a long day. It also offers many health benefits that range from promoting cardiovascular health to boosting your immune system.

Each tea blend is finely crafted just like our coffee for an amazing taste, scent, and finish. Whether you're visiting a PJ's Coffee location or looking to stock up the cupboard at home, Revolution Tea is the natural choice for your cup.

Natural Tea You'll Love

Shop at PJ's Coffee online or in-store for the world's finest teas. We've been a New Orleans tradition for more than 40 years that delivers a unique and sustainable beverage experience. You'll taste and feel the difference in every sip.