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Revolution Bombay Chai Black Tea 20 Count

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Bombay Chai Black Tea takes you on a new exotic journey. Revolution Tea begins with full Assam tea leaves for a rich, bold foundation. Then, delivering a classic yet unique interpretation of this quintessential Indian drink, ginger, cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon chips round out its intense flavor profile. Brew up a cup for a complex, aromatic start to your day, or pair it with any spice-heavy meal.

Revolution Tea has sought to shake up boxed tea varieties since day one. Its blends avoid the low-quality tea fannings frequently found in the United States. Instead, full leaves, dried out in the sun, form the foundation for its caffeinated blends like Bombay Chai. Then, in upholding its mission, it finishes each blend with herbs, essential oils, real fruits and other natural ingredients. Nothing artificial is ever added.

In considering the role brewing has in releasing the tea’s full flavor, Revolution Tea introduced its mesh infuser bags in 2000. This process keeps the leaves in the bag but allows them to fully steep, in turn releasing their complete flavor.

Caffeine Content: 40mg

20 servings per container